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Let's get your home/listing ready for photos!

Hey there! Are you getting ready for a professional photo shoot of your home or listing? Awesome! Getting your property ready for the camera is an important step to help you show off your space and attract potential buyers. Here are some tips to make sure your home looks its best in the photos:


  • Pull vehicles in the garage: Nobody likes a cluttered driveway! Tuck your cars away in the garage to help your home stand out.

  • Close garage doors: Keep it clean, folks! Keep those garage doors closed to keep things looking neat.

  • Remove snow from driveway, sidewalk, and front stoop: No need to make your guests work for it! Shovel your snow to make your property accessible.

  • Hide/remove trash receptacles: Trash cans are a big no-no when it comes to photos. Keep them hidden and out of sight.

  • Hide/remove basketball hoops: Your hoop might be your pride and joy, but it can be a distraction in your photos. Tuck it away for the day.

  • Remove garden hoses and gardening tools: Gardening tools are great for maintaining your yard, but they're not so great for your photos. Keep them tucked away for now.

  • Clean up any trash in the yard: No litterbugs here! Make sure your yard is clean and free of any debris.

  • Mow, rake, and remove grass clippings or leaves: Let's make sure your yard is in tip-top shape. Remove any grass clippings or leaves to give your home a fresh look.

  • Remove any outdoor furniture that's unkempt: Keep your yard looking fresh by removing any outdoor furniture that's looking a bit worn.


  • Install bright bulbs (100 watts) in dark rooms: Let's brighten up those dark corners! Bright bulbs can make a huge difference in how your space looks in photos.

  • Make sure all bulbs are working: Keep those lights shining bright by making sure all the bulbs are in working order.

  • Make sure all lighting is the same temperature or color: It's all about consistency, folks! Keep all the lighting the same temperature or color.

  • Remove dingy towels from the bathroom: Dingy towels are so yesterday! Swap them out for some fresh, clean towels.

  • Clean the mirrors (No streaks please): Mirrors are tricky! Make sure they're clean and free of any streaks.

  • Clean, dust, and vacuum the entire property: Let's make sure your home is looking its best! Give it a good clean, dust, and vacuum.

  • Remove everything from the exterior of the fridge: Nobody needs to see your magnets! Keep the front of your fridge clear.

  • Make sure all stainless appliances are clean: Shiny is the way to go! Make sure your stainless steel appliances are looking their best.

  • Hide trash cans and clothes hampers: Let's keep it clean, folks! Tuck those trash cans and clothes hampers away.

  • Remove and hide any clutter: Nobody likes a mess! Tuck away any clutter to give your space a cleaner look.

  • Remove pets from the property: Pets are great, but they can be a distraction in your photos. Tuck them away for the day.

  • Make the beds: Let's make your bedrooms look inviting! Give your beds a nice, neat look.

  • Put clothing away: Keep your space looking clean by putting your clothing away.

  • Remove clutter from the shower (If visible): Nobody needs to see your shampoo bottles! Keep your shower clutter-free.

  • Toilet seat down: Let's keep it clean, folks! Keep the toilet seat